Dear friends, over the last two months, I’ve been working on an educational project that I’d like to share with you. Since 2016, I’ve been involved in the Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency industry.

Honestly speaking, it was a wild jungle with me standing at the threshold of it without a single clue on how to cross it. Me and my friend – Raunak J., who was motivating me to keep going, spent months figuring out how things worked. Neither of us had Computer Science nor Cryptography or Cybersecurity backgrounds. We worked in the Marketing field and were eager to understand what the hell Bitcoin is all about.

I won’t lie that it all started as another attempt to throw some money at any random cryptocurrency to get rich quick. In 2016, Bitcoin already had a huge dominance, so we couldn’t believe that it would grow as crazily as before. We would pick any cryptocurrency out there and read all the available information about it. A White Paper is a standard document for any crypto project, describing all the details about the proposed technology. So, all research had to start from it. Generally speaking, the goal of every cryptocurrency was to be faster, cheaper, more private, and more scalable than all the others.

Then, we would buy some of the cryptocurrency and test the transaction speed by sending coins to each others’ wallets, and checked the reviews and ratings of the chosen coin. Unfortunately, most of the time we were disappointed with the developers’ promises about the analyzed crypto. However, the analysis of poor crypto products strengthened our belief in big players like Bitcoin or Ethereum. As such, we reached the conclusion that while the most part of the market is a Wild West with “MoonBoys” (get rich quick investors/us in the beginning) and scammers haunting the MoonBoys, the general concept of the technology is quite simple, yet very effective.

That’s when the “Eureka” moment dawned.

From that moment on, I started digging into the core of crypto, seeking to learn what happens when you use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains. What is Cryptography and how it is used to secure a decentralized network? What happens when computers are “mining” crypto? How do wallets stay secured while being anonymous? And so on.

Over the last 4 years, I went through literally hundreds of pitfalls and learned a lot about blockchain, cryptocurrency, investments, trading, psychology, and so on. I am still learning every day and can’t wait to see what else crypto has to show me.

I know that it is very confusing to get into this industry, learn about it, and start using it. The first time I heard about Bitcoin was in 2013, and I didn’t have any idea what it was and why I needed it. The only thing I knew was that it was used on the black markets, gambling websites, and for hackings, so it was scary to get my hands dirty with something that is used for illegal purposes.

While the above is true, there are many more positive things that blockchain technology is bringing on the table. Today, many financial institutions, businesses in the supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, insurance, E-commerce, and so on and on are benefiting from blockchain every day. People from countries with poor economies are using cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day needs, as well as to secure their savings from currency inflation or even devaluation.

It is still some time until this technology reaches mass adoption, as it is not yet user-friendly enough for average people. Until that day, I decided to create a platform where everyone can start learning what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are through short courses developed to take less than 15 minutes. I also decided to make it in text format so people can take courses even on the go from mobile devices.

My platform is called Desentra. By design, it is made to meet everyone’s needs, whether you are a beginner with zero knowledge or an expert looking to develop a new blockchain. I simplified all the complicated stuff and made the courses easy to follow and digest. Following the courses one by one, you will gradually build your understanding without going through the trouble of jumping back and forth between different information sources.

Today witnessed the launch of Desentra’s core version of the product, which means it has only core functions and only courses in the Basics section. The first course is called “Basics 1: Cryptocurrency Explained”, it is free and takes about 15 minutes to complete. So, today is the day to start learning crypto if you haven’t started yet.

I am a huge blockchain believer, and if you are not, I encourage you to take the courses on Desentra. I promise, you will discover its limitless potential.

? We decided that everyone should be able to start learning crypto without any boundaries. The Basics section is now free!

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? Sincerely, Roman V.